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by Ashley Bean Thornton

I have been summarizing the opening campaign speeches from the presidential candidates. I have been trying to sift through the campaign rhetoric to pick out what they are saying about what they actually plan to do if they are elected.

I could not find an opening campaign speech for Larry Elder, so I watched several interviews which hopefully served basically the same purpose of hearing what Mr. Elder plans to do if he becomes President.

I have shortened, paraphrased and re-arranged quite a bit, but I tried to stick pretty close to his own words and to be fair in summarizing what he plans to do.   – ABT

Here are the links I used:

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 What he says he will do…

Abortion – I am pro-life. In my opinion abortion is a crime.  In my opinion abortion is homicide, and I’m adamantly opposed to it.   I think a lot of American people don’t realize that all the overturning of Roe v Wade did was put the matter back into the states. The whole issue of abortion, Roe v. Wade, never should have been taken up by the Supreme Court.  Now, the issue of abortion goes back to the states where it ought to be.   If it’s a state issue, by definition, I would not support a federal abortion ban.

Bipartisanship & Compromise – You need to have leaders who can show that you can agree to disagree without being disagreeable. I’d like to think that I’m that that kind of person.  I just think a lot of people in this country have been segregated into their own tribes and don’t realize that there are people in the other tribe who are personable, who are empathetic, who understand that you disagree but we both want the same things. We want people to realize their God-given ability in America.  If we can agree on that, then maybe we can go forward and not be at each other’s throats.

China – China is our number one adversary.  They have infiltrated this country like a trojan horse.  They’ve endowed all these “China chairs” all over America in our colleges and universities to, in my opinion, indoctrinate students into not believing that China is the oppressive authoritarian regime that it is.  They bought farmland near sensitive military installations.  They are saber rattling against Taiwan. They’re stealing technology, or making it a requirement that you divulge your technology if you do work in China.  They want to dominate the world economically, if not militarily.  They are a huge problem, a huge threat.  We ought to be decoupling ourselves from China.  We shouldn’t be dependent on China for pharmaceuticals, as we are, or for military components, as we are, or for the stuff that goes into our cell phones. I would encourage the people to manufacture things here.  I would talk about the threat of our growing dependence on China. I would unite the countries around China so that there’s a united front, so that China knows that if they continue their aggression there’s going to be a consequence.  It is true that we get a lot of our components from China.  It’s also true that China gets a lot of their money from us, from the West. So, the West has to show a united front that China will suffer economically if China continues its aggression.

Crime – I denounce this Democrat gambit of saying that the country is systemically racist.  It is a murderous lie.  It has caused “The George Floyd effect.”  This is the phenomenon of cops pulling back for fear of being called racist. As a result, crime has gone up all over the country.  There are literally thousands of people who’ve been victimized by violent crime who otherwise would not have been victimized had the police been doing their normal proactive policing.  The people that are primarily victimized by this excess crime are the very black and brown people living in the inner city that the people on the left purport to care about.

Culture – This whole victim mentality is, in my opinion, almost a cancer within the Black culture and I want to talk about that.

Debt – I’ve been proposing an amendment to the Constitution to fix spending to a certain percentage of the GDP.  Otherwise, government iss going to keep getting bigger and bigger and bigger, because much of the spending is on automatic pilot.  Government has gotten bigger under Ronald Reagan. It got bigger on the George Herbert Walker Bush.  It got bigger under George W.  Bush.  It got bigger under Donald Trump.  The only way to restrain spending is through a law that stops politicians from spending, because you don’t run and win elections by saying you’re going to take things away from people! The only way to reduce government to the size the founding fathers intended, is to force them through an amendment to the Constitution.

Education – I think a lot of people, particularly Black people, are unaware of some of the stats.  Eighty-five percent of Black 8th graders, these are black kids who are 13 years old, 85 % of them are neither reading nor math proficient at grade level, 85%.  This is a national scandal. It’s appalling, and I think most blacks are unaware of it.  We need to have choice in school, but the Democratic party and the teachers’ union are wedded at the hip, and teachers’ unions do not support school choice. I support school choice.  The money should follow the child, rather than the other way around.   We’re outspending virtually all of our European competitors and all of our Asian competitors.  It’s not the money.  It’s where the money is being spent.

Energy – I’m concerned about the fact that we have gone from being energy independent to being energy dependent.  There has been a war on oil and gas.  I will reverse that war on oil and gas. I will allow drilling for oil on federal lands.  I will allow for fracking.  I will authorize the Keystone Pipeline.  The reason oil is so important is that it’s a backbone of virtually everything.  Almost all goods are transported somewhere. So, when gas prices go up, the price of goods go up.  I think Trump did a fantastic job as president on being energy independent, and I’m going to continue those policies.

Entitlements – We have to do something about the so called entitlement programs.  I know it’s the third rail of politics.  Whenever you talk about reforming entitlements, that’s almost electoral disaster.  That’s why I’m proposing an amendment to the constitution that will fix spending to a certain percentage of the GDP with exceptions for war and for natural disaster. Otherwise, both parties are going to continue to spend.  If, however, you shackle their hands to  50% of the GDP, they have to go to a room, lock the door, and then come out with a balanced budget.  They can say, “The devil made me do it!”

Fatherlessness epidemic – The number one social problem in America is the epidemic of fatherlessness.  There are 40 % of American kids who now come into the world without a father in the home married to the mother. I attribute it to the welfare state.  In the mid-60s, I think with the best of intentions, Lyndon Johnson launched what he called the war on poverty.  This basically provided benefits to women who are unmarried provided there’s no man in the house.  From that point on, out-of-wedlock birth in America exploded.

We’ve incentivized women to “marry” the government and incentivized men to abandon their financial and more responsibility.  A kid raised without a father is five times more likely to be poor, nine times more likely to drop out of school, and 20 times would like to end up in jail.

These kids need to have some sort of father role model. I am encouraging all the people of my generation, the baby boom generation, to become mentors for men and women who are growing up in America without fathers.  I’m also going to propose legislation to allow you to direct your tax dollars to go for welfare or to organizations in your own community, churches in your own community.  There are lots of organizations where the people are in the neighborhoods doing counseling, where the results are going to be far more effective, where people are going to be far more likely to be put on a path towards independence rather than dependence on welfare.

Healthcare – The reason our health care costs are so high is because the government is involved. The government pays almost 50% of our health care costs.  You know health care is a commodity like anything else.  The more competition, the cheaper the price, the better the quality, the greater the accessibility.

Immigration – I think the borders need to be stronger. I think Trump did a fantastic job as president on the borders, and I’m going to continue those policies.  I would reimpose the policies that gave us the most secure border we ever had until Joe Biden undid all those policies.  I would put back “Stay in Mexico,” stop “Catch and Release. ” Arrest people who are here who crossed the border, because when you arrest them you can deport them. Once you put them in the interior, which is what we’re doing right now, good luck trying to get them out again.  The people that are most hurt by illegal immigration are black and brown people living in the inner city.  According to a study done by the Civil Rights Commission, a million more black people would have jobs if it weren’t for illegal alien labor.

Racism – I am going to give a full-throated denunciation of that narrative that the Democrats push all the time that America is systemically racist.  It is a lie.  It’s pitting us against each other.  Racism has never been a less important factor in American Life.  This is the only majority white country that has elected and re-elected a Black president.

Regulations – I think Trump did a fantastic job as president on taxes, on regulations, and I’m going to continue those policies. We’re over-taxed, we’re over-regulated. I would reduce taxes. I would reduce regulation.

Taxes – I think Trump did a fantastic job as president on taxes, on regulations, and I’m going to continue those policies. We’re over-taxed, we’re over-regulated. I would reduce taxes. I would reduce regulation.

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