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By Ashley Bean Thornton

I have been summarizing the opening campaign speeches from the presidential candidates to see if I can sift out what they actually plan to do.  In this post I summarize Tim Scott’s announcement speech.   Love it or hate it — I have tried to stick pretty close to his own words and to be fair in summarizing what I assume to be his platform for 2024. I tried to include as much about how he plans to do these things as I was able to deduce from the speech. – ABT

Here is the link I used:

What he says he has done…

  • One of the lead authors for the Republican tax reform bill that slashed taxes for families, brought jobs and investment back from overseas
  • Signature legislation: the opportunity zones that’s brought billions of dollars back into poorest communities that have been left behind.
  • Created high employment, low inflation and the fastest growing economy for the working class people we’ve seen in 50 years
  • Refunded the police

What he says he will do…

  • Stop retreating from our Southern border. If you don’t control your back door. it’s not your house. If our Southern border is unsafe and insecure it’s not our country.
  • Drug cartels using Chinese labs and Mexican factories to kill Americans will cease to exist. I will freeze their assets. I will build the wall, and I will allow the world’s greatest military to fight these terrorists because that’s exactly what they are.
  • Rebuild a military so lethal and Powerful that our adversaries will fear us and our allies will respect us.
  • Make sure our service members have every tool they need.
  • Make sure our veterans have every resource they deserve.
  • Not try to be the world’s police, but always defend America’s national vital interests and our people wherever they are.
  • Win the competition with China. China started this new economic Cold War, but, America, we’re going to finish it.
  • Win the next century by the strength of our economy.
  • Ramp up research and development.
  • Reclaim our supply chains.
  • Re-energize our manufacturing base with opportunity zones 2.0 and an entire “Made in America” agenda.
  • Work toward a vision of …
    • Exponential innovation where America leads the world with new breakthroughs where new medical cures
    • Cheaper drugs and lower health care costs become the norm, lengthening the lives of our citizens
    • Law enforcement has the advanced equipment to keep each and every one of them safe
    • Huge new American factories, creating high paying American jobs, running on plentiful cheap American energy
  • Motivate, Inspire, and require every able-bodied citizen to take responsibility and go to work.
  • Back the blue, secure our streets, and finally make it a federal crime to kill ambush or assault a cop in this country
  • Lead a revolution for excellence in our schools – less CRT and more ABC’s
  • Make sure every family has a choice and every parent has a voice giving every child chance. No child should be
  • forced to attend failing schools simply because they live in the wrong ZIP code.
  • Destroy the liberal lie that America is an evil country.
  • Stop canceling our founding fathers and start celebrating them for the geniuses that they were.
  • Stop the far left assault on our religious liberty. Preserve one nation under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.
  • Honor our creator and respect every innocent life.


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